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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Suckers - Easy Chairs

Suckers is a four-piece from NY with a guy named name Quinn Walker that has been releasing on his own for a while. Walker did release double album called "Lion Land/Laughter's an Asshole" on a small label started by Bianca from CocoRosie called Voodoo Eros. (The website flash intro currently promoting the album is pretty nifty.)

So, the Suckers is what Quinn Walker is doing now. It sounds like his solo stuff but bigger and more layered. They have hints of David Byrne and Akron/Family before this last jam band sounding album. Some people have said they sound like MGMT, but I think they are confusing "sounds like" with "dresses in weird clothes like."



The video is a computer animated psychedelic romp. Each band members body is a kaleidoscope of different elements, like a cactus cabbage fish or a horse hawk skull. Not groundbreaking, but it is has a attractive aesthetic. And the music is good. Share/Bookmark

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