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Monday, March 29, 2010

Full Force - Love is for Suckers

YouTube version:

Today is my birthday and I am going to treat myself to my favorite video right now. I have been saving this one for a good day, like a fine bottle of fortified wine.

Full Force has some elements of the Boy Band model, but they are definitely not a Boy Band. Full Force is like a mixture between New Jack Swing and 80s hip hop. They had a short-lived record career, but their work behind scenes is extensive. They have been writing and producing music for three decades. The boys from Full Force have done work with Bob Dylan and Patti LaBelle in the 80s, Backstreet Boys and Selena in the 90s, Brittany Spears and the Black Eyed Peas in the 00s.

The video is ridiculous amazing. The stiff, tragically unhip white folks get a lesson from Shy Shy, Bowlegged Lou, Baby Gee and the rest of the gang. My fav is Curt-T-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best part of the song is wild synth at the end.

This is a time capsule of 1987 New York fashion. The hot Jheri Curls, the long-tasseled leather jackets, and don't miss the rockin' keytar. And Nike shoes the band are sporting are all the rage right now. They could pass for a post-ironic hipster throwback band and fit right into Look at that Fucking Hipster Share/Bookmark

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