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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Edition - Candy Girl

After posting that Hot Chip homage/parody of boy bands, I have decided to make this week officially Boy Band Week.

The reign of the Boy Band craze of the 80s and 90s has its roots in bands in the throughout music history. The Jackson 5 for their synchronized dance and harmonies. The Monkees for their manufactured image and commercial sheen. Perhaps one of the first true Boy Bands was the Latino sensation Menudo, who famously dropped members when they got to old and replaced them with younger boys.

New Edition was perhaps one of the first American Boy Bands, even though the term Boy Band didn't exist until the 90s. They came to popularity with the song Candy Girl and released sugary pop hits for years. The band was led by Bobby Brown, who went on to a successful solo career.

When Bobby Brown left the band, New Edition went on to do less poppy music and were one of the progenitors of New Jack Swing. They recorded their most successful album Heart Break in 1987 and influenced the development of R&B styled Boy Band like Boys II Men and 4P.M. Some of the member later broke off to form the less successful Bel Biv DeVoe.

This song is bubblegum pop at its sweetest. It is fun and catchy. The influences of the Jackson 5, especially the song ABC are very apparent here. Share/Bookmark

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