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Sunday, March 28, 2010

LFO - Summer Girls

I had to close out the Boy Band series with a music video from the downfall of the Boy Band.

I thought about posting a video from O-Town. They were a band created on the reality television show Making the Band by the Boy Band godfather himself, Lou Pearlman. They are the ultimate, demographically tested, cookie cutter Boy Band. The problem isn't that their stuff is terrible, it is just painfully boring and uninteresting.

LFO is much more interesting. They make no pretensions about being good. The song is a completely failure. The video is a failure. The album is a failure. The band is a failure. The whole LFO concept is a failure. Even the band's name, Lyte Funky Ones, is a failure.

This song is Boy Band in its glorious down fall. The lyrics are terrible. They make no sense at all. They are just pop culture references intertwined with a girl and the summer. Also, this video is a commercial for Abercrombie and Fitch, which at that time was the symbol of vapid, douchieness. So enjoy the pinnacle of suck. Share/Bookmark

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