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Friday, June 18, 2010

YAWN - Kind of Guy

YAWN - Kind Of Guy from Druid Beat on Vimeo.

After a week of posting several boring pseudo-psychedelic music videos from big indie artists (see Neon Indian and MGMT), I am pleased to actually post a good psychedelic video.

The video starts with a wonderfully flakey public access tv meditation guru bit. Then the video explodes into a vivid rainbow space scene. The best part is the band playing and dancing, covered in light sticks and probably wearing green suits. Its fun, colorful video you can watch more than once without yawning. (hah)

I don't know anything about YAWN and I think this is off of their first EP. Looking through their twitter page I am guessing they live in Chicago and like to play old-school Super Mario Kart. They may be unknown now, but they are playing Pitchfork this summer, so they may be the next big thing. Kind of Guy is a lighthearted, summer song and the whole EP is pretty solid. Who knows what the fickle Pitchfork hipsters will say. Share/Bookmark

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