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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back again

I apologize to everyone for the prolonged absence. I had some passport/visa issues that unexpectedly pushed a trip home up nearly a month. I have spent most of the last two weeks sleeping on couches and visiting friends and family.

This summer, I will be studying Mandarin in Beijing. I am excited for the summer, not only because I will finally get to spend 24 hours working on Chinese, but because Beijing is one of the most amazing cities. It is the hub of music, art, and culture in Asia and I hope to bring some of that to this blog.

I still intend on posting regularly, but my weekends may be more sparse than usual. However, I will have at least a day each week for Chinese music videos.

This was posted on on Tuesday, June 8th, but I am going to backdate to Monday. I actually tried to post on Monday, but the posting was down for some reason. While this is not the only reason, I am looking to move this blog to wordpress and self-host. If you have any suggestions or know anything about transitioning, please contact me.

I have some good posts coming up that make it worth the wait.
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