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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nurses - Winter

Nurses "Winter" by Hans Lo from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

The Nurses are psych-rock out of Portland OR.  Their music is intimate and entrancing with a touch of haunting weirdness.  Most of the songs feature an old echo-y piano that drifts beautifully in and out of tune supplemented by some other oddly altered instrument.  What gets you are the ethereal vocal harmonies that span several octaves.

This song is off of The Nurses latest album Apple's Acre.  The first time I played the album when the LP came out, everyone in the house came out of their rooms at some point during the album and said, "Who is this?  I know I have heard them before."  I don't think anyone had heard The Nurses before, but there is something that feels so at home, so natural and familiar about their music while being completely new.  Apple's Acre isn't an album that needs to grow on you.  It just feels right the first time you listen to it. 

The VCR kaleidoscope collage really compliments the music.  It has the same calming, homemade simplicity the makes the song so wonderful. Share/Bookmark

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