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Sunday, April 11, 2010

HEALTH - We Are Water


This is a crazy ass video.  Taking inspiration from the slasher film resurgence of the mid 00s, the video is a bloody mess.  Like a scene out of one of the many torture-fueled slashed flicks of the last decade, like Hostel, Saw I-VII, and the Passion of the Christ, HEALTH has created a horror postcard.

HEALTH is sort of a noise rock band with synths.  They got a reputation for playing shows for free, which has been good and bad for them.  Good in that it gave them a name, bad in that they have a hard time getting venues to let them play.  Musically, they are most well known, not for their own albums, but assisting on another record.  Their featured performance on the song Crimewave on the Crystal Castles self-titled album is both the best Crystal Castles song and the best HEALTH song.


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