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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Major Lazer - Keep it Going Louder

Major Lazer is a music project from DJ's Diplo and Switch. You may know the them from their work with MIA and Diplo from remixes of tracks by artists from Kanye West and Brittany Spears to Radiohead and Daft Punk. Both Diplo and Switch do some killer remixes, but Major Lazer is the best thing that either of them have done.

The music is pulling from some of the more popular dance music of the past decade with a handful of characters doing over-autotuned vocals.  It might not be music you want to listen to while you are sitting around the house but the live show is where it is at.

I saw Major Lazer last week and the live show is unbelievable.  Smoke, a hi-tech laser show, simulated sex, and thousands of sweaty hipsters jumping up and down.

The video is not far from the feel of the live show.  Its like tripping through the cover of one of those old geometric Trapper Keepers.

The creepy, weirdness of the video isn't surprising being that it is directed by Eric Wareheim, Eric of Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job.  He has directed nearly ten music videos in the past several years but they aren't all orgies of the absurd.  Wareheim has shown a great range of ability in his last video he directed.  For the band HEALTH, Eric Wareheim has created a stark homage to the slasher films of the last decade.  If he is going to be making videos as fresh as these two, he may need to dump Tim and just do music videos. Share/Bookmark

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