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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Styx - Mr. Roboto w/ Kilroy Was Here

Sci-fi Music Videos Week, Day 5, Styx - Mr. Roboto

Intro film

Mr Roboto

Mr. Roboto is part of a concept album released by Styx called Kilroy was Here.  The concept is explained in the short film that goes with Mr. Roboto.  Its truly amazing and you should watch it first.  Styx used to start every show with the 10 minute film.

The story line is that the world has been taken over by a group called the Majority for Music Morality, who aren't concerned with money or power, just making sure no one can listen to rock and roll.  The authoritarian powers imprison not political agitators but rock stars. This has to be the best scifi music project ever.  Also robots walk around cursing in Japanese (I guess Japan became a superpower because they build the best robots?).

The music video for Mr. Roboto picks up where the film leaves off.  Dennis Deyoung plays Kilroy, the imprisoned rock star who kills a robot and takes his suit to escape.  He escapes to find the rock and roll dissident Jonathan Chance so that they can bring down the anti-rock government together.  Mr. Roboto is about Kilroy's search for Chance and then the unveiling as he reveals he is not a robot.

Oh and I am not sure what "the modren man" is, but I know he likes to wear purple. Share/Bookmark

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  1. It's like the Shawshank Redemption of Rock and Roll! Thanks for the add to your Blog Roll. I have reciprocated and look forward to exploring your blog.