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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jeff Mangum performs Neutral Milk Hotel songs after a decade of silence

I keep this post brief.

Last night, Jeff Mangum performed at a benefit show in New York at the Le Poisson Rouge for Chris Knox of the Tall Dwarves. He sang five Neutral Milk Hotel songs and he sounds just as amazing as he did 10 years ago.

Neutral Milk Hotel is my favorite music. I found Neutral Milk Hotel a year after they stopped playing and I have waited a decade to see Jeff Mangum perform. Last year, he traveled around with member of Neutral Milk Hotel and people from the Elephant 6 Collective. I saw them in Chicago, but Jeff Mangum was only playing one song, Engine. It nearly killed me. I am sure five songs would have ended my life.

I am just going to post every video that gets uploaded in the next couple days. If you know of a video that is not posted up here, please email me or add it to the comments. I will also list articles at the bottom.

Set list:
1. Oh Comely
2. Baby For Pree/Where You'll Find Me Now
3. Two-Headed Boy (pt 2)
4. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
5. Engine

[click below for the videos and links]

1. Oh Comely

uploaded by ci1025
Full, good sound, ok video

2. A Baby For Pree/Where You'll Find Me Now

uploaded by ci1025
Full, good sound, ok video

Uploaded by OGjays1
No video, high quality sound, only 2 minutes

3. Two-Headed Boy (pt. 2)

uploaded by misspia (aka jefffmangum)
The first minute of the song, pulled from collage clip at the bottom of this page

4. Aeroplane Over the Sea

uploaded by antithesisofmagc
Part of the song from backstage

Other videos from the show

uploaded by jefffmangum
Clips of each song, good backstage view, sound gets better after a minute

Uploaded by OGjays1
Jeff coming on stage and greeting the audience

Postings about the show
Backstage Photo
Brooklyn Vegan
Entertainment Weekly
Radio Exile
NY Times blog
Washington Post blog
Consequence of Sound 1
Consequence of Sound 2
Rolling Stone
Drowned in Sound
Seattle Weekly blog
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