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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ke$ha - Your Love is My Drug

SNL Performance

This is the second set of videos for Ke$ha (check this first post for my ranting).

Last month, Kesha was on SNL and performed the song you see above in full neon body paint under a blacklight and it is amazing. The giant keytar in the background is also amazing.

The music video just came out this week and features clips of Kesha in the neon body paint. It also features a hallucinogenic desert scene that is an obvious homage to the Beatles' Yellow Submarine. The first half of the video is kind of boring, but the second half is great. I am not sure why they didn't do the animation throughout. Maybe to match the fact that the verses of the song are kind of boring but the chorus is rockin.

Here is a clip from Beatles' Yellow Submarine so you get what I mean.

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